"Come on! He's not born for you!"
yap,I know...
However,what I think is that perhaps he's born for me,
and I was born for him,
that's the reason why we met each other on that day,
but we are probably not just made for each other,
because there are so many differences between us,
such as background,perspective,characteristic,etc.
it makes me keeping going that I just know right now we're on the same path,
hand in hand.
Then,what about"Made for each other"? What about"Forever and ever"?
I am convinced that we do need to work hard,
work as best as we can to be new-made to mate with each other.
Made perfectly and exactly by means of perseverance,faithfulness,and cherishing.

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  • <div>I got it!!!</div>
    <div>Thank your wonderful poem.</div>
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  • <div>中文的路子太過確定,</div>
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  • <div>你以前是中文系兼英文系?</div>